Monday, October 14, 2019   
Pat Baig and her husband Mike live in Missouri City. Pat grew up in Snyder and Midland, and she is the third generation of her family to work in the oil business. She decided she was a Republican in 1964, when she was 16-years-old and attended a Republican campaign rally in Odessa to hear a speech by presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

"Core American values were instilled in us very early," she says. "Respect for family and elders, personal spirituality, the value of education and hard work, appreciation for the many blessings America has given us, honoring those who fought to maintain those blessings, and taking responsibility to safeguard all of those blessings."

"These are the things I believed in when I went to that rally, and when I heard Senator Goldwater talk about those values, that's when I knew the Republican Party would be my political party."

Pat, 57, is the middle child of Russell "Buck" Perine, a chemical engineer, and Mary Frances Gray Perine, a school teacher. Pat graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in Midland in 1966, where First Lady Laura Bush was Class of '64. Pat went on to earn her BS in Education, with a minor in History, from Angelo State University in 1973.

Pat's family has a long history of service to Texas and the United States. Dating back to the American Revolution, her family includes Texas pioneers and legislators. Her grandfather served in World War I, and her uncles fought in World War II - one endured captivity as a Japanese POW and later served as a lawyer at the Nuremberg trials of war criminals in Germany. Pat's father, Buck, was a naval officer on a destroyer during World War II and her brother Steve was a naval aviator who graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1968. Her family's experiences reinforce her strong belief that veterans and their families deserve more support.

Following her sophomore year in college, Pat lived in Italy for two years where her uncle had served at the US Consulate in Rome. After returning to Texas and obtaining her bachelors degree, Pat earned both Elementary and Special Education teacher certification and began her commitment to quality public education for Texas children.

While helping care for her ailing mother in Missouri City, Pat went to work for Mobil Oil in the Accounting Department. In 1978, she married Mike Baig, a Mobil Oil engineer. They moved to Denver and she began work in Schlumberger Well Services' financial group. Her honesty, intelligence, hard work, and problem-solving skills led to her selection as the company's first woman credit administrator for North American operations, responsible for more than $20 million per month in receivables from major oil companies.

In 1984, Mike was transferred to Saudi Arabia, which once again gave Pat the opportunity to live and work overseas. She learned Arabic and taught English as a second language (ESL) at the University of Petroleum and Minerals Girl's School in Dhahran. Three years later, the couple moved to Indonesia, where she learned to speak Bahasa Indonesia, and taught ESL to Mobil Oil Indonesia managers' wives. Then there was a two-year stint back in Midland, followed by a return to Indonesia that lasted until 1997, where Pat was a volunteer teacher at an orphanage and also served as Mobil Oil's Expat Housing Coordinator. Pat and Mike served in their final overseas assignment back in the Middle East, in Doha, Qatar, where Pat continued to teach and also develop ESL curricula for Qatari Special Ed teachers and banking personnel.

They returned to Texas in July 2000. Pat spent the next two years caring for her ailing father. Her experiences caring for her parents during their last years have left her determined to do everything she can to help ensure that all Americans and their families have adequate, affordable health care.

Pat is an active participant in her community. She is a volunteer Fort Bend County Deputy Voter Registrar, and a member and/or supporter of several organizations including the Fort Bend GOP and various Houston area shelters for battered women and the homeless. Consistent with her belief that the future of the United States is grounded in the education of its citizens, she continues to stay involved in Texas education by substitute teaching in a local school district and by assisting adults in the community, who did not finish high school, in obtaining their GED and going on to other educational opportunities.

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