Monday, October 14, 2019   

   Pat on Issues
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"No Child Left Behind" requires serious revision. The oversight of teacher accountability must be returned to the state and local governments. As a conservative Republican and former educator, Pat believes that increasing the federal government's involvement in education produces red tape, but not successful students.

The goal of education is to produce life-long learners, not short-term test scores. It's time to return Texas children's education to Texans.

Border Security & Illegal Immigration:
Illegal immigration is draining the resources of our healthcare, welfare, and educational systems. By providing many of the rights of citizenship to those who have illegally crossed our borders, we are providing an incentive for illegal immigration to continue. Congress must provide stiffer penalties for those who enter illegally while overhauling US Immigration and Citizenship Services so that those who seek to legally enter our country may be processed in a more timely and secure fashion.

The security problems posed by a porous border, which is an open door not only to illegal immigrants, but also to terrorists and criminal thugs, must be dealt with vigorously. We must dramatically increase the size and funding of our border patrol while providing them with a mandate for identifying and detaining those illegally entering our country.

We need a realistic energy plan which provides workable solutions to reducing dependence on foreign oil, finding viable alternative energy sources, and promoting conservation - all without federalizing the energy industry.

Windfall profit taxes discourage drilling and exploration, the building of new refineries, and the growth of the industry as a whole. Windfall profit taxes, which Congress is currently considering, didn't work in the 70's and 80's and they won't work today.

As the daughter and grand-daughter of veterans, Pat is passionate about veterans and their families receiving the benefits they were promised, earned, and deserve.

We see, firsthand in Houston, budget constraints resulting in veterans being sent home from the VA Hospital because of lack of bed space or service providers. We have a whole new generation of wounded veterans returning from Iraq who are going to require long-term services that the VA system is not equipped to handle. That must change.

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